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How can you become culturally more aware?

Do you have 500 recently merged employees who need to know each other better?
As a management team, would you like your strategy and collaboration to roll out more smoothly across national borders?
Or do you just need to focus more closely on how to handle cultural differences in everyday life?

I optimise efficiency in mergers, collaborations and negotiations.  In the Nordic region, where we share many values – and cross swords about them. And outside the familiar landscape, where a wise manager takes careful steps to avoid treading on toes and colleagues’ values.

All the services I provide include generous helpings of expert knowledge, research, experience from other companies and Nordic humour.

Depending on your needs, I can offer, for example:

When vikings – and values – clash

Lectures and workshops for companies and organisations working across national borders – that also want to cooperate. For 10 to 1000 participants. And customised to suit your everyday reality.

Why are Scandinavians so strange?

  • Why do your Nordic colleagues expect you to have an opinion on most subjects?
  • How can you collaborate closely and trust people you only know professionally?
  • Why is it OK to eat your lunch at the same canteen table as your boss?
  • Why can’t you jump the queue?
  • Why is attending the Christmas party part of your job description?

Courses and workshops for employees and managers who were not raised in the Nordic region but will be working with us here. And a dedicated attempt to explain why, from a foreigner’s perspective, those of us living in the Nordic region behave so strangely compared with the rest of the world.

This course on living and collaborating with colleagues from the Nordic countries will introduce you to: everyday life and professional life in the Nordic region, dos & don’ts, the history of the Nordic region, the welfare state, values and habits.

Get a grip on the culture – and the management team

Presentations, advice and collaboration with multicultural management teams. Primary focus on decision-making processes, meeting structures and management mandates.

I am going to …

How does a wise Nordic leader deal with management in cultures with steep hierarchies, an aversion to teamwork and managers on first name terms?

How do you practise management in China, Cologne or Chicago – without losing your authority, your identity, your core values or the Nordic values you grew up with?

If you need expertise outside my own area, I collaborate closely with occupational psychologists and experts within communication and management.